Taolu – Fighting Forms

This class consists of modern and traditional Wushu training. Wushu, also known as kung-fu, is maybe the most challenging martial arts and has fashioned its place among current action/martial arts films. Taolu training is a high intensity workout which places great importance on stretching and conditioning. The training can be compared to gymnastics with its sequences of movements, which include basics, combos and a number of aerial acrobatics. Along with this, official international routines (standardized by the International Wushu Federation) are taught, such as empty-hand (Chang-quan and Nan-quan) and weapons (Jianshu, Daoshu, Qiangshu, and Gunshu) forms.

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Competition Team


Congratulations to the Taolu squad who travelled out to compete at the Montreal Wushu Challenge on Saturday, November 5th.   The team faced a lot of unique challenges and experience.  Here are the results:

John Tompson  – 2nd place junior hand form

Karson Kwok-Risling – 1st place junior long weapon form

Grace Wiebe – 1st place Group B hand form, 1st place Group B long weapon, 1st place Group B short weapon, 2nd place Group C hand form, 3rd place Group C long weapon.

Jon Mak – 1st place senior short weapon