Taiji \ Tai Chi

Taiji / Tai Chi

Taiji, commonly referred to as Tai Chi in the west, means “Ultimate Force” or “Supreme Fist” and it is a internal style of martial arts. It is practiced for both self-defense and health purposes, despite being categorized as a “slow” form of martial arts, Taiji incorporates movements which require speed and power.

Because Taiji is being practiced worldwide, there are a multitude of different styles today to learn, each fulfilling different needs depending on the practitioner. But all styles stem from the five major traditional families: Chen, Hao, Wu, Sun and Yang.

Our program will offer the traditional Yang style Taiji, which is considered by many the most popular style of the five major families.

We are currently confirming the schedule for our next Taiji session. We thank you for your patience.

For more information and to register please contact Coach Haven at info@saskwushu.com.