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We are accepting registrations for the fall session and it can be done by contacting Coach Haven at info@saskwushu.com or 306-251-0531. Have a look at our programming and class times in the calendar section of our website.

“I was always fascinated by martial arts but was too shy to join a program. Thankfully, Coach Haven creates such a positive atmosphere for all his students that it’s impossible not to feel welcomed the moment you step through the doors. I’d never taken martial arts before and had very little exercise experience in general, but the learning process was always paced to my abilities and never felt overwhelming. I always left every class feeling stronger and more confident than when I came in!”

Formed in 2000, the Chinese Martial Arts Academy started with a group of individuals interested in training in martial arts as a way to keep fit. It progressed into include a variety of programming for ages three and up to include fighting forms, kickboxing, and tai chi. It has now taught in Saskatoon and area for 20 years and has performed at many events in Saskatoon including Chinese New Year, Saskatoon Folkfest (Asia Pacific and Chinese Pavilion) and the Mayoral Gala. Our overall goal is to provide a healthy, positive environment for people of all ages to learn martial arts.

The school offers a variety of programming and accepting students as young as age 3.

Contact us at info@saskwushu.com or (306) 251-0531 for more information.


Our programs

Youth Kickboxing

Youth Kickboxing teaches all aspects of kickboxing while continuing to develop physical literacy, including balance, speed, strength, endurance, and power as a foundation for further training.

Fighting Forms – Taolu

Challenging strength, speed, balance, power, agility, and rhythm, Fighting Forms or Taolu is the most visually appealing martial arts and sport today.


This class is a mixture of a variety of punching and kicking techniques used in traditional and modern Chinese martial arts.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi or Taiji is the most popular style of internal Chinese Martial Arts.

Panda Program

The Panda Program is an introduction to Chinese marital arts for children.

Private Training

Private training is a great way to fit a workout into your busy schedule.

Women’s Only Kickboxing

This class is all about fitness, and we are ready to help you improve your strength, speed, power, balance, and flexibility.


Call us

(306) 251-0531

309 38th Street East

Saskatoon, SK