This class is a mixture of a variety of punching and kicking techniques used in traditional and modern Chinese martial arts. Kickboxing provides a full-body workout while incorporating techniques for self-defense and competition. Have a challenging workout in a non-intimidating environment with coach Haven. He has spent much time learning from world-class athletes and trainers and primarily trains in Las Vegas with renowned coach Skipper Kelp

For ages 13 and up.

Challenging muscle speed, strength, and endurance in a fun and friendly environment, this program offers a ton of benefits. Participants wear hand wraps and boxing gloves, and everyone has an opportunity to strike targets, including heavy bags, double end bags, speed bags, pads, and shields. All of this is done in a group setting, encouraging progress in every class.

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To register and for more information on class schedule and times, contact Coach Haven at info@saskwushu.com or text/phone at 306-251-0531.